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I have been living in an amazing landscape since 16 years. When I open my shutters, quarries of ochres fashioned Read more

why this blog

"Always imagine your work as an opening to the world." Léonard de Vinci

  • For who?

  • why ?

  • who ?

  • How can we talk about somebody who is fond of artistic creation?
    Here is an attempt of portraits from people I have met:


  • In short, this blog tries to track down all kinds of artistic surprises with greediness.
    It collects them patiently ...and attempts to make them sparkle

    Those creative tastings are realized solo but more often with others and always face to face. Young people and adults regularly follow me in those exciting journeys.

    At first, we enjoy Art. But then, why not experiment it ourself?
    But alone, it is not always easy!
    Where to start?
    How to do it?
    How to be more creative?
    Daring to take this path is easier alongside an already seasoned traveler in the matter.
    Follow him/her in all kinds of creative writings and soon you will be aware of the relevance of artistic creation in general, but especially of your own creations.
    It is an unstoppable way to feel alive.

    There are so many alternatives, so no hesitation, get inspired and create.

  • few notes about the author
    I was born in Paris
    First Rolling Stones’ live show in London, appearance ////// mini-skirt !!! ??? !!!!
    it was a fair period ... Véronique Egloff chooses to show the tip of her nose.
    1967-1982: intensive education to get a better assessment of her time
    1983-1985: very intensive education to get a better assessment of the globalization of the world economy

    1986-1990: jobs for a living

    1990-2000: major crisis, loses her foothold, has two babies and naively begins many other creations at once
    start with colored pencils to land ...for a while... digital
    >>> since has been experimenting all artistic fields that comes to her mind with an unstoppable patience

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