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Being a woman

Semper Femina, or being a woman, not especially in this Women’s Day but every day.

For this Women’s Day, I want to show you a work I did some time ago. Based on large size collages (90 x 60 cm), this series is entitled “recreated woman”.

Originally, I collected loads of fashion posters created for a famous ready-made clothes chain. At the outset I considered to make a completely different use of those but once the posters spread out on my work plan, the vision of those gorgeous young girls led me in a quite different track.
This representation of an ideal and established femininity, remember me all the juggleries and contortions that women must perform in order to maintain such a posture of femininity that is politically correct and agreed upon.

Morally “broken down”, I decided to cut, curtail and revamp those visuals. In fact, they had nothing special, they were done like all the injunctions made to women as regards their lifestyle, but I fell on them.

Once everything dislocated, I could not be satisfied with this puzzle. As I explain throughout articles, creativity nests anywhere. SoI had to do a sensitive work with this rough material!

So I started to recompose another woman’s landscape, translating my emotions in a very personal way.
However, I am quite sure that some collages will call upon my sisters ‘spirit. They talk about the complexity to be an attractive woman, a competitive lover, a careful partner, an exemplary mother, a flawless professional, a reliable friend, and a respectful woman…go on the list if you want… I am feed up with that.

Obviously, to fulfill all this as I was telling you at the beginning,

it is necessary to perform some contortions and so much the worse for collateral effects … on ourselves obviously!!!


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